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In our Atelier in Austria.

By traditional manufacturing techniques.

The highest quality in order to survive.

Traditional Craftsmanship


Each of our camera straps is made by hand in our workshop in Styria. We use traditional techniques such as saddle stitching for production, paired with high-quality materials, we guarantee you the best quality.

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What's special

Our Leather: We have tested a wide variety of leather types from different countries to find the perfect leather for camera straps. In the end we decided on leather from Germany. This high-quality leather is hot stuffed with wax in a special process. This makes it a lot more resistant to moisture and gives it a unique feel and look. Furthermore, it is full-grain leather, which has the highest fabric density and therefore the greatest possible robustness.

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Functional Design

Our camera straps are designed by photographers for photographers. Through years of experience as a photographer, as well as the close collaboration with photographers in various Genres, we know exactly what makes a good camera strap.

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Traditional craftsmanship is important to us, therefore all of our camera straps are made by hand in our Atelier in Styria (Austria). We only use the best materials and manufacturing techniques for long lasting products.

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