About us

We manufacture unique camera straps made from the best leather.

Traditional craftsmanship is important to us, therefore all of our camera straps are made by hand in our Atelier in Styria (Austria). 

To do justice to the aspect of sustainability we only use the best materials and manufacturing techniques. Each of our products is made to last, in the best case, for a lifetime.

We only use vegetable tanned leather. This tanning is kind to the environment and preserves the natural structure of the leather. Furthermore, we only obtain our leather from traditional tanneries in Germany that are known to us. These only use hides, which are a by-product of meat production. No animal needs to die solely for its leather!

Of course we do repair any damages which might occur, even after years of use.

"Environment-friendly production and sustainable products are our Credo."

~ Lukas Beinstein

Long Lasting Products

All of our products are handcrafted with the very best
manufacturing techniques. We only use the highest quality materials in order to achieve the longest possible service life. In this way, we are setting an example against fast fashion and towards products that can be seen as heirlooms.

Eco-Conscious Materials

We only use materials that are in compliance
with strict environmental protection guidelines. Our leather is purely vegetable tanned and the yarn is made from recycled materials.

Short Transport Routes

Our materials come exclusively from Europe, thereby the Co2 emissions of the transport will be reduced. The leather is tanned and processed in Germany. We manufacture in our own workshop, which also eliminates a transport route from the producer to the seller.

Lukas, is the designer and founder of BISAMBÄR, as a former professional photographer, he is also responsible for the development and the manufacturing techniques. Through his experience, he knows exactly what's important for a good camera. Nadine, is chemical engineer and deals with protection of the environment and the sustainability of our production. 

– Lukas & Nadine are Bisambär – Leather Goods