Camera Strap No. 2 - Brown


This camera strap is also comfortable to use with larger SLR cameras, thanks to its 40mm wide neck pad. The neck pad is made of durable full grain leather which adapts to your contours and is comfortable to wear. It distributes the weight of heavy equipment and reduces the burden on your cervical spine.

- 2mm vegetable tanned full grain leather
- Develops an unique patina with use
– Sewn with high tear-resistant recycled polyester yarn
– Traditionally handcrafted in Austria
– Made to last
– Great for analog and system cameras, also for larger DSLRs suitable thanks to the wide neck pad
- Including 2 pcs Bumper (Camera Protection)
- Dimensions: strap width 13mm, width neck pad 40mm | length selectable from 90-130cm, length neck pad 27cm

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